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Serial GPS Receiver

LinksPoint's GlobalPoint GPS Serial  receiver is designed for use with vehicle docking cradles for handheld computers. The GlobalPoint Serial GPS receiver features an external GPS antenna and a DB9 interface that is connected directly to the vehicle docking cradle. This allows GPS data to be transmitted to the handheld mobile computer when it is docked in the cradle. The GlobalPoint Serial GPS can receive power from the cradle if available, or through a separate power adapter when used with cradles that do not provide power through the DB9 connection. A variety of power cable options is available. See below.

Industry Leading GPS Performance

  • SiRFStar III chipset.
  • 20 Channel GPS Receiver with all-in-view satellite tracking.
  • Signal acquisition using 200,000 time/freq. search channels.
  • Supports WAAS and EGNOS.
  • Multipath-mitigation hardware.
  • Cold Start under 45 seconds.
  • Hot Start under 8 seconds.

Chipset Architecture

The LinksPoint GPS attachment uses the SiRFstarIII chip set. This chip set uses a 50MHz ARM7 CPU, which has ample throughput to support extensive user application software and peripherals. The internal satellite signal tracking engine provides highly accurate GPS measurements and differential corrections. This chip set architecture also offers an acquisition accelerator, differential GPS processor, multipath mitigation hardware and satellite-tracking engine. This chip set delivers powerful GPS performance, accuracy, computing power and flexibility.


  • Frequency: L1, 1,575.42 MHz
  • C/A: 1.023 MHz chip rate
  • System Back Up: Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Antenna Type: Built-in Antenna (external antenna optional)
  • Datum: WGS-84


  • Acquisition Rate: Open Sky, Stationary
  • Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., average
  • Cold Start: < 42 sec., average
  • Warm Start: < 38 sec., average
  • Hot Start: < 1 sec., average Interface
  • Connection: PS/2 from unit with included PS/2 to DB9 connector
  • Protocol: Default: NMEA-0183 (V2.20)- GGA(1), GSA(1), GSV(5), RMC(1)
  • DGPS: Real-time Differential Correction input (RTCM SC-104 message types 1, 5 & 9).
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery and 4.75-5.5 V DC input charging circuit
  • Device Size: 21.0(L) x 59.0(W) x 20.6(H) mm
  • Weight: 103 grams

Dynamic Conditions

  • Altitude: <18,000 meter
  • Velocity: < 515 meter/second
  • Acceleration: < 4g


  • Operating Temperature: -20C to +50C


GlobalPoint GPS receivers offer typical accuracies of 3-5 meters uncorrected, and 3 meters or better with WAAS correction.*

Versions are available for use with vehicle docking cradles from:

  • Intermec Technologies
  • Motorola

Part Numbers

  • LP01631 - Includes Cigarette Lighter Adaptor.
  • LP01632 - Includes cable with power on DB9 Pin9 (Intermec and Motorola MC70 cradle).
  • LP01633 - RJ45 connector for BlackBay VMC2500 cradle.
  • LP01634 - Includes direct wire power cable for 12V-24V vehicle electrical systems.
  • LP01635 - USB connector for use with laptops and table computers.

For more information on the GlobalPoint Serial GPS receiver, contact us at 203-853-4600 or email us at

* Accuracy subject to degradation based on environmental and positional conditions. Rated accuracy provides 95% Circle Error Probability (CEP) position accuracies of <5 meters with WAAS correction and <10 meters uncorrected.


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